We are experts in cyber security

Founded in 2017, Oktacron is dynamic and fast growing company that challenges the status quo of enterprise security. Our team is made of talented security experts and incident response analysts with more than 20 years of combined experience.

We're not a just a technology or service provider we're a trusted partner for public and commercial security. With more than X SOC implementations under our belt, we offer a well established approach to security monitoring that creates value for all stakeholders: technology, management and customers.


Complexity is the enemy.
We prefer to keep things simple. This goes for all of our services, deployment, activation and pricing plans.
Responsiveness is key
Proactive monitoring. Realtime threat intelligence. Custom alerts. With our next level SIEM and responsive support, your company won’t miss a beat
Make financial sense
Our services help you reduce the cost of security monitoring and reporting without compromising visibility or control of your IT environment.

Let us help you enhance your security