Cyber threats never sleep.
Neither do we.

We don't sell security.

We test it, then create it.

Risk assessment

Identifying security vulnerabilities that put your technology ecosystem at risk.

Ethical hacking & penetration testing

Simulating real life attacks on your IT systems to discover potential weaknesses.

Security policies

Writing tailored organisational acts to help you protect your digital estate.

Security Awareness

Providing specialised training for your staff to improve their knowledge and understanding of cyber security

Security management Incident recognition & response

We help you improve your ability to recognise and respond to a diverse range of threats, from internal to external sources.

Risk mitigation

Let our experts help you develop a holistic approach to reducing and containing risk.

There's more to us than tools & technologies

Security is all about responsiveness: spotting and stopping threats early on. To give our clients peace of mind, we've developed strong response capabilities that are all about the people: their excellence, dedication and expertise. Our team is comprised of highly qualified experts with over 20 years of experience in data security, threat and vulnerability assessments, design, implementation and management of security solutions, and cyber security consulting.

We've always been and we'll always be a peoplefirst company. Working closely with our clients, we seek to deliver tailored solutions focusing on the unique aspects of their systems and organisational security.

Who we are

Security Operations Centre

Focus on your business by leveraging around the clock, responsive Security Operations Center (SOC) services. Our team will act as an extension of your IT department, providing the people, expertise and technology you need to proactively manage all types of risks from internal attacks to global security threats.

Explore our SOC services

All in one SIEM solution

Intelligent, integrated, realtime log management, security monitoring, detection and incident response.

Log collection
Collect and aggregate log events from your entire technology estate, including all IT systems and devices.
Real time event correlation
Observe and discover relationships between seemingly unrelated events without the need to run multiple security tools and create custom correlation rules.
Security analytics
Analyse and visualise log data to gain a deeper understanding of threats and user behaviours.
Incident response
Use automated remediation capabilities to improve your incident response time and prevent damage

Global experience, local knowledge

Thanks to our partnership with a Serbian company AST, we are able to offer a next generation SIEM solution as part of our Security Operations Centre service.

Born from 20+ years of global cyber security experience, their proprietary SIEM platform helps organisations empower their teams with capabilities for log data collection, realtime monitoring, analysis and attack remediation all provided in one flexible solution.

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