Cyber security services for public and commercial enterprises.

See how our team can help you come up with the strategies, processes and tools to stay ahead of advanced threats.


Understanding risk

Not all security threats are equal. We'll help you focus on those that are high priority.

Knowing your weaknesses

Our RED Team of ethical hackers will simulate real-world attacks to test the vulnerabilities in your IT environment and identify security flaws in your critical systems before attackers do.

Policies & procedures

We can help you draft custom security security policies that reflect your organisations envi-ronment, and embed tested processes into all aspects of your technology estate including business-critical IT systems.


Empower your staff to navigate the cyber security landscape and recognise threats to organisational security with expertled education.


Our experts will show you how to recognise and deal with incidents in a way that minimises risk. With 20+ years of cyber security and consulting experience, we offer tailored services in various areas of security management, including incident recognition and risk mitigation.


Discover Oktacron SOC, a readily available 24x7 security monitoring and reposting service for governments and private enterprises. Learn how we help organisations improve their ability to detect risks from internal threats to global security attacks by leveraging the latest SIEM technology.

We specialise in providing the following services:

Risk assessment
Ethical hacking & penetration testing
Security policies
Security Awareness
Security management Incident recognition & response
Risk mitigation