SOC - Security Operations Center

Take advantage of our readily available, dedicated SOC with 24x7 security monitoring, incident and event reporting capabilities.

Our experts will keep a close eye on your IT estate so you can relax and respond promptly to any threats to your systems.

What SOC is best for your business?

Oktacron SOC 24/7 Lite includes comprehensive, 24x7 monitoring of the client's IT environment and daily reporting on security incidents. By utilising this service, organisations can gain a deeper understanding of their entire technology estate in a flexible and cost efficient way.

Oktacron SOC 24/7 Pro is an enterprise service that combines IT monitoring and realtime incident alerts with strict SLAs. This service is best suited for businesses with 24/7 security operations that want to enhance their incident response by enlisting the support of level 1 and level 2 analysts.

Why choose Oktacron SOC?

Simplify security monitoring
We handle the security monitoring, SIEM and log management, and reporting so you can focus on your strategic efforts whilst maintaining full visibility of your IT environment.
Technology, people & processes
By partnering with Oktacron, you can leverage a next generation scalable SIEM solution, SOC best practices and a dedicated team of security analysts to maintain a safe environment.
Proven SOC excellence
From large public organisations to multinational corporations, we've built and provided SOC services that take into account our clients' organisational structure, business processes and security weaknesses.
Empower your teams
With event correlation, digital forensics based on realtime data, threat intelligence feeds, custom security reporting and other advanced capabilities. All from a single pane of glass solution.

A phased SOC Activation Model

Oktacron uses a systematic approach to SOC security
that consists of six key steps:


Meet ASPEN a nextgen SIEM platform that combines log monitoring, realtime threat intelligence, forensics and incident response with scalable architecture and customisation options.

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